State of Arizona

Government Resources

Arizona State Government (Discover Arizona)

Arizona Attorney General’s Office (Consumer Information/Complaints)

Arizona Corporation Commission (Find forms and information needed to reserve an entity name, or to create, maintain, or dissolve a Corporation or LLC in Arizona)

Arizona Department of Commerce (Business Connection)

Arizona Department of Revenue (State agency responsible for the administration and collection of almost all state and county, and some municipal taxes)

Arizona Secretary of State’s Office (Register DBA name)

Arizona Department of Economic Security

Arizona State Legislature (Track pending legislation, plus locate and contact individual legislators)

Arizona Revised Statutes

State Agency Listing (AZ phone directory)


Maricopa County

Maricopa County Recorder

Maricopa County Property Taxes

Maricopa County assessor’s Office

Federal Agencies

U.S. Copyright/Library of Congress (The Copyright Office has approximately 450 employees, the majority of whom examine and register hundreds of thousands of copyright claims in books, music, movies, software, photographs, and other works of authorship each year)

U.S. Internal Revenue Service (Find tax forms, publications, general information about federal tax laws)

Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) (All federal taxes can be paid using EFTPS. Available by phone or online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can schedule business and individual payments up to 365 days in advance)

Social Security Administration (Manage your account, obtain benefit information)

U.S. Department of labor (Labor laws, workers’ rights)

U.S. Patent/Trademark Office (Federal agency for granting U.S. patents and registering trademarks)


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